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After Care

[mp_row] [mp_span col="12"] Our low Cost Sliding Sash Window Maintenance option. We will remove your Sliding Sash's, sand and clean the areas.We will fit new parting beads, new staff beads with integrated brush draught seals, re-fit your sash's with waxed sash cord and fit new solid brass or chrome furniture. We are confident that this…
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Sash Windows

Established over 20 years The No1 Double Glazed Sliding Sash Window company In Sheffield Do you live in a conservation area, then leave it to us, we will complete the application with your local authority free of charge from start to finish. we have a 100% success rate so far with all applications regarding sliding…
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Patton Joinery > Sash Window are what we know

We specialise in Sliding Sash Window replacement, approx. 90% of our work is supply and replacement of existing Sliding Sash, single glazed sash's with new double glazed Sliding Sash's, fitted straight into the existing Sliding Sash box, which is refurbished during the installation of the new Sliding Sash's. The new Sliding Sash's are re-weighted and…
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