Environmental commitment


Your environmental commitment 

By choosing wood you have already made a positive choice for the environment:-

  • Timber is a renewable resource.
  • Timber has the lowest carbon footprint of any of the most common building materials.
  • Using timber encourages the expansion of forestry with the consequent reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • Timber is low in thermal conductivity and an excellent insulator. It is 15 times better as an insulator than concrete; 400 times better than steel and 1770 times better than aluminium

Our environmental commitment


We only use Timber from sustainably managed forests. For over 20 years we have only dealt with mills and Timber Merchants who lead the world in responsible forestry, not only planting more trees than they harvest but leaving a percentage of fallen trees and standing trees to encourage wildlife and protect the ecosytem.

Our Timber Suppliers are members of the Timber Trade Federation

 and are committed to the Timber Trade Environmental Code of Conduct.

Patton Joinery, A company you can trust.  

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